How to Turn Your Virtual LinkedIn Contacts into Real Conversations

Stewart Andrew Alexander, Digital Media Strategist

I hold my hand up, I'm guilty of this myself, but I'm told that recognizing a problem is the first stage of solving it. What am I talking about? Turning your virtual LinkedIn and Social Media contacts into real world conversations. Maybe you are like me and have hundreds, maybe thousands of LinkedIn contacts in your network? Maybe the same goes for your Facebook, … [Read more...]

Jason Womack, Get Momentum Leadership Academy On Pro Business Insights

Jason Womack, Cofounder of the Get Momentum Leadership Academy

In today's interview, we have Jason Womack, Cofounder of the Get Momentum Leadership Academy. Jason helps busy people with big dreams to solve the problems they face when they have to change themselves, so they can achieve greatness in their career and in their life. He has a degree in education which served him well when it came to learning how to teach, as well as a … [Read more...]

Celebrity Entrepreneur Mentor Keri Murphy Reveals Video Marketing Secrets


People that aren’t using video marketing, are losing customers and clients to the competitors who do. That’s the reality that Keri Murphy, TV host and CEO of Inspired Living, shares with her clients before she helps them transform themselves into the go-to celebrity expert in their field by igniting their “IT” factor on camera. Miley Cyrus has “IT.” Nick Cannon has “IT.” … [Read more...]