Frank O’Donnell, Professional Equity Solutions Says It’s All About Preparation

Frank O’Donnell, Professional Equity SolutionsTo me, it would all be about preparation. In other words when you go to work in the morning you have got to know exactly what you want to do.

One of the things I find very useful is to give a lot of thought to this the night before. So for example, today is Monday morning, and last night (Sunday night), I sat down and went through what I need to do today.

I sat down and looked at what’s my list of priorities going to be for first thing this morning. If I get these things put to bed, then I know that will make a big difference to my job, and that’s my priority.

It’s easy to go into work and the phone goes, mail goes and email goes, but a lot of the times it’s just not productive. To get 4-5 things done every day, if I can make that happen, then that will make a big difference to my business and to the time level that I have.

So to me it’s all about preparation. Get those 4 or 5 things that you know is going to make a big difference to your business, then that will make a massive difference to giving you more time every day of every week.

By Frank O’Donnell, Professional Equity Solutions Ltd. in South Queensferry, Edinburgh, UK