Vice President, April Scarlott of Mobile Marketing Inc. Shares Business Insights

Vice President, April Scarlott of Mobile Marketing Inc.Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Vice President, April Scarlott of Mobile Marketing Inc. a company described as a client driven, boutique style marketing firm that consistently delivers positive, viable and provable results in building revenue for small businesses, as well as improving “Specialty Clients” online presence.

Mobile Marketing Inc. is a mother and son team of innovative serial entrepreneurs that thrive on helping other businesses excel and grow to their full potentials, while also helping them to keep up with the ever changing landscapes of technology and how it effects their bottom line.

Let’s listen in in what April had to say…

PBI: What’s your official business name and when did you get started?

APRIL: Mobile Marketing Inc. and my youngest son and I forged the company in early 2010.

PBI: Why did you decide to go down the road of self-employment?

APRIL: I am a self-professed serial entrepreneur and have been an independent business owner since I was 29. My first company is still in business as a Real Estate firm, so marketing came naturally to me as you must learn how to market your property listings and yourself if you are to be successful.

PBI: How did you actually get started? Did you start full-time, part-time or build up to it while working a full-time job to tide you over?

APRIL: After the real estate crash of “08” I actually think I went into shock. I knew that I needed to do something else, even if it was only on the side. What surprised me was how much I actually LOVED interviewing people, and helping their businesses grow through everything I was learning regarding Market Presence and online positioning and SEO as well.

So initially, I started doing the marketing thing part time with my then 15 year old son. He knew so much more about technology than I did, in fact his skills were kind of intimidating. So of course, being the competitive person I am, I was determined to show my son (and myself too) that I could do anything he could do and maybe even a few things he couldn’t. He might disagree, but I think I have accomplished that goal!

PBI: How have things developed since business day one? Have you diversified, or have your services remained the same?

APRIL: “Wow, great question! The truth is, in the marketing realm, you either keep learning, diversifying and growing or you become obsolete. There is no room for stagnation in this industry. So by necessity, we have expanded our services, cut some services, invented some services and of course, stood on the shoulders of those ahead of us in many instances to stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovative marketing concepts.”

PBI: What area of your business would you like to see improve within the next 6 months and why?

APRIL: “Well, I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you! ~ Just kidding…. But I do have a new concept that I am rolling out shortly to Property Insurance company owners, ONLY. It is a referral based program that can bring in as many as 4-5 new clients (read new policies) per day. I have already proven the effectiveness of it to some of my current insurance carriers that I refer my personal real estate clients to for homeowners insurance. I meet with my first sign up tomorrow and we are all very excited about the prospects of the program. More on all that later….

PBI: How are you improving on that area?

APRIL: Since this is a brand new program, we will of course, need to make adjustments as we go and tweak what is working and eliminate what is not.

PBI: What’s your best tip for someone considering starting a business in your industry?

APRIL: Have a passion for helping people and for learning. Without both, you will fail miserably in this industry. I have seen so many companies vanish without a trace in the past few years, it is almost frightening.

PBI: What’s the most popular misconception that prospective clients have about your industry and what’s the correct answer?

APRIL: Another great question. And while I cannot speak for everyone, whereas my clients are concerned, it would be that this kind of work is easy, simply because they do not see you plugging away at the trusty ole’ laptop at 3 a.m. in the morning, adding the last finishing touches to get their advertising out on time or before a tight deadline.

PBI: On the topic of selling, who is your ideal client?

APRIL: Our ideal clients for the Marketing Company are typically entrepreneurs and/or degreed professionals, i.e. Doctors, Lawyers, Brokers etc…

PBI: If you had a chance to say one thing to a brand new client, before they met you in person, what would it be?

APRIL: More than anything, Mobile Marketing Inc. considers itself an educator and developer of strategic alliances and relationships which are mutually beneficial to all parties. Most of our clients become long term friends or in some cases, even become extended family members, simply because we work HARD to earn and keep their business and most importantly, their trust. When our clients WIN, so do we ~ and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

PBI: Thank you April for a very informative interview.

Anyone who would like to find out more about April should contact, call her cell: 281-685-6650, or visit: